March 27, 2014

Book Haul: Divergent series

Hey there! When I started watching booktubes and reading bookblogs I couldn't just ignore this bookseries anymore. Some people said it was similar to The Hunger Games Trilogy, which I loved.. and some people told me it's even better. On GoodReads I saw a lot of mixed opinions, but a high star rating, so after looking at my wishlist a little bit too long, I finally decided to buy it. I choose the hardbacks, because I love hardbacks and it came in a box with a little booklet The World of Veronica Roth's Divergent series.

I can't tell you much about this series, since I haven't read them yet (I probably have by the time this post gets online). But from what I've heard it's about a distopian world (Chicago) where people are devided in 5 fractions. When 16 years old you do a test in which you'll find out to what fraction you belong. Beatrice has the choice to do what she feels she should be doing, but she'll have to leave her family for that. She has to carry with her a big secret about herself with which she can save the lives of others.
I can't wait to start it!

Let's get those dust jackets of and see what's underneath:
I'm guessing these are the logos of fractions..
All of them in a box and the extra booklet.

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