March 21, 2014

Review: Menu kettle teapot and heater

Some weeks ago The Mister bought us this amazing teapot. And since my blog is named Drink Tea, Read Books, why not write a review about it? We were eying this teapot for a while now, mostly because of it's amazing design (Scandinavian) and the fact that I like to drink Clipper Tea, which comes in bags without strings.

We've been  using this for a while now and it works perfect! You can put loose tea (or a bag without a string) into the egg, add hot water and pull the egg up when your tea is like you want it to be. Because of the glass (borosilicate/pyrex) you can tell how dark it is. But unfortunately because of the glass this teapot is fragile too and needs to be handled with care.

We also got the matching heater which does it's purpose; keeping the tea warm.

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