October 15, 2014

Loose Leaf Teas from HEMA

HEMA has been selling loose leaf tea for a long time, but never in a cute package like this. So when I saw a blogpost about this tea on Belessa.nl, I had to get some myself! I had to look for it, because it wasn't in the tea and coffee section, but eventually I found it. I chose a package with these two flavors: Green Tea Pomegranate and Oolong Peach. It sure sounds tasty, doesn't it?

When we got home, I had to try it right away and I started with the Green Tea Pomegranate, I really like the taste! I don't drink my tea really strong and this tea is perfect for me. The next day I had family over, so I had to share my new tea. This time I chose the other one and that one is definitely my favorite! Oolong Peach tastes like fall. A perfect tea flavor to drink under a blanket and stare at my candles, lol! A set of two flavors costs € 5,-.

I also bought this cute tea infuser, which floats! Also at HEMA (€ 3,00).

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