October 8, 2014

September wrap up

September wasn't really a reading month for me, maybe you've seen it in my September monthly review post on my other blog, Dainty Dream, but I was super busy, not only did I had a lot of birthdays (including my own), I also had a lot of funtime with friends. Even though I love seeing and meeting everybody, I can't wait for a more quieter time, when I have time to read and cuddle on the couch by candlelight ;). But I did read 3 books and I enjoyed them all.

Karen Slaughter - Fallen (Will Trent, #5)
Another book by Karin Slaughter from the Will Trent series. I enjoyed this book very much, but I'm kinda in a slump. I'm rereading all of her books and sometimes all the violence and criminality get a bit too much. I'm glad when I'm all caught up and just read her books when they come out, like once a year and enjoy it a bit more.

Emmy Laybourne - Sky on Fire (Monument 14, #2)
 I've read the first book in this series last month and I loved it. I also liked this book very much, but it was a bit short. I'm very curious how it will all end, so I'm definitely ordering the 3th book soon!

Veronica Rossi - Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1)
I got this series for my birthday and I started it right away. I really like this story in a distopian world. I can't wait to read the rest of the series, can you believe it took me this long to read it?

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