April 7, 2014

Clipper Tea

Hey there! Today I wanted to introduce you guys with Clipper Tea. I think Clipper Tea is my favorite tea brand at the moment. And I must admit, I've bought my first package of Clipper Tea just because of the package design. Because come on, isn't it amazing? The illustrations and typography did it for me. At the moment I've got 4 different flavours:

My favorite of these 4 is the organic white tea with orange. But they're all deliciousno bitter aftertaste at all. The only thing I kinda don't like about these, is that they don't have a string. So you have to get the bag out with a spoon, get a tea egg, or dip it really carefully with the corner of the bag between the tips of your fingers. We use these bags in our Menu teapot (click here to read more about it) since we both don't like strong tea.

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